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What is Ai Ohto?

Ai Ohto is a Discord bot that is designed to be a fun and useful bot for your server. It has a wide variety of commands, and is constantly being updated with new features.

How do I invite Ai Ohto to my server?

You can invite Ai Ohto to your server by clicking here.

How do I use Ai Ohto?

For a list of all of Ai Ohto's commands, use /commands.

How do I get support for Ai Ohto?

You can get support for Ai Ohto by joining the support server.

How do I report a bug or request a feature?

You can report a bug or suggest a feature by joining the support server and using the /feedback command.

How do I get updates on Ai Ohto?

You can get updates on Ai Ohto by joining the support server.




/about Get some details about the bot.
/commands List of all my commands.
/feedback Provide feedback to the bot developers.
/ping Replies with some ping information.
/version Check the bot's version.
/vote Get the vote link for the bot!




/chat Send messages into the chat!
/coinflip Flip an amazing coin!
/httpcat Get a random HTTP cat or look up a specific one!
/interact Interact with another user using a variety of different interactions.
/quiz Generate a trivia quiz just for you!
/twitter Create a fake Twitter embed!
/uwu Makes your message UwU~




/domain Lookup a domain name
/github Look up a GitHub user or repository.
/horoscope Lookup your horoscope for the day.
/minecraft Minecraft command group
/spotify Spotify command group
/twitch Lookup a Twitch channel




/guild Change the bot's guild settings
/invite Lookup an invite code
/math Do some math with the bot!
/random Choose a random something!
/server Get this server's information.
/snowflake Convert a snowflake ID to a date.
/user Get a user's information.